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Are you in need of a map that shows you the exact shape and features of an area of land? Coleman Land Surveying can create one for you with ease! Offering FREE consultations, as well as FREE estimates, our team services both commercial

and residential properties.

Comprehensive topographic surveys

A sole proprietorship, the licensed professional land surveyor of Coleman Land Surveying has over 35 years of experience that you can put to work today!

  • Water drainage

  • Architectural design

  • Developing a site

  • Home additions

  • Building additions

  • Solar arrays

  • Wetland locations

Get a detailed view of an area of terrain

  • Contour lines

  • Trees and other vegetation

  • Water features

  • Utilities

Topographic maps can depict a variety of features

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  • Buildings

  • Drives and parking lots

  • Other improvements

  • Easements